Sugar Valley

The Sugar Valley Story

Sugar Valley is not too far from Matagorda Bay in east Texas, and with a population of less than 35 people – you’re unlikely to stop. But Sugar Valley has always been a special place for me; my great-great-great grandfather moved there in 1832 and built a ranch from the ground up. It’s where I spent childhood vacations going to cattle roundups, auctions, and feedlots. 

Some say that you haven’t lived until you’ve cut down palmetto with a dull machete or freaked out after realizing you’ve run directly into a black and yellow spider web (OK, nobody says that – but I’ve done those things). Put simply – Sugar Valley is where my family story begins. And my relative’s willingness to begin something new and take a risk is what created this home base for me.  

So that’s why I’ve called my practice Sugar Valley – I am inspired by the courage it takes to start
something new. 

Where are the physical, social, and cultural places you come from? 

Let’s use your home base to start your new story.    

More Locations

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